Ash Wednesday Poetry Series – Andre K’por: Untitled

“Charles Bukowski said that ‘it takes a lot of desperation dissatisfaction and disillusion to write a few good poems’.   Dublin provides in these respects”.


The Ash Wednesday Series takes its name from the following Leonard Cohen quotation: “Poetry is just the evidence of life.  If your life is burning well, poetry is just the ash”.  As a writer, does this ring true for you?

There is certainly a sense of self-sacrifice in the creative act, and that is a good manner of putting it. I’ve always believed you “gotta burn to shine”.

What makes a poem?

The feeling it evokes in the reader. It’s a “tree falling in the woods” kind of relationship between the work and audience.

Describe your writing ritual.

There’s no ritual, words just hit me and I take them down wherever I can. Eventually it turns into a poem.

Is writing a compulsion, obsession or something else?

Both. I have a stalker-like relationship with my writing habit. Just when I think it has left me alone, it comes back with added zest.

What makes being a writer in Dublin unique (to being a writer anywhere else)?

Charles Bukowski said that “it takes a lot of desperation dissatisfaction and disillusion to write a few good poems”. Dublin provides in these respects.

The nose provides a way for understanding the world and its first impressions.  The first smells of people and places, for whatever the nose chooses to capture can become a strong memory for the mind.  Smells have a way of lingering, taking up space as though they were bodies.  What does Dublin smell like to you?

Everyone that has ever been to Ireland knows that wonderful, unique “pub smell” of stale beer, sweat and god knows what else. Now THAT lingers.

Whose poems are you reading now?

I always have a Rimbaud or Baudelaire beside my bed. Recently I have gone back to T.S. Eliot, to balance out the ridiculous amount of hip-hop I’ve been listening to.

Describe your coffee ceremony (i.e. everything that goes into a perfect coffee experience)

Depends on the country I’m in. If I’m in Bosnia I’d drink Turkish coffee, in central Europe I tend to drink espressos and cappuccinos, in Ireland I usually go for a flat white. At home I have a jar of fair trade freeze-dried coffee that I mix with sugar and a shot of cold milk before topping it off with hot water, stirring all the way through. Don’t know what this is called.

Andre K’por reciting his poem can be found here:


Andre K’por is a spoken word performer and MC. Since the age of fifteen, he has performed at Electric Picnic (three times), Knockanstockan, The DLR Festival of World Cultures, Festival of the Fires, Poets Express, Exchange Words, and the Red Line Festival, and many others. His work has been published in journals and anthologies. He currently runs the monthly “LOQ” spoken word, hip-hop and poetry showcase (first Tuesday of the month in Sweeney’s Basement).

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